Dahi Phulki Recipe

Dahi Phulki Recipe by Subha Pakistan
Dahi Phulki is favorite dish equally enjoyed by Pakistanis and Indians. It is prepared with Mash ki Daal ka Atta, Ajwain, Yogurt, Meetha Soda, Methi Dana, Dahi Bara Masala, Chat Masala and Imli ki Chutney. Dahi Phulki is a Ramadan delight and can be a prominent item of your Iftar table


Mash ki daal ka atta

Ajwain ~ 1 tst
salt ~ as req
Meetha soda ~ 1/4 tsp
Methi dana ~ 1/4 tsp
heeng ~ 1/2 pinch
Chat Masala
Dahi Bada Masala
Ginger ~ 1 1/2 tsp
imli chutney ~ as req
Youghurt ~ as req


Make a paste of mash ki daal atta along with heeng, ajwain and
ginger. Fry methi dana in 1 tbsp oil and add into the daal paste.
Keep the paste thick and set aside for a while. Heat oil and make
dallops into the oils and fry. Mix sugar and salt in water and
put the phulkyan in it. Let them soak for 15-20 mins. Take them
out and place in dish. Pour little chutney and yoghurt and masala
according to your taste and enjoy.

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